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Visa Interview Support

Immigration in every country needs to check whether the student’s that arrive in every country are there to study the course they applied for at that particular University, can afford to pay for tuition and living and that the student intends to return back to their home country upon completion of their education.

Many countries offer Permanent Residency opportunities to students who are talented, hardworking, experts in their field and are able to benefit personally as well as become an asset to their own county and the country they are residing at.

Sometimes, such assessments cannot be done through an application or just plain documents. Therefore, an interview is conducted to make sure an application is genuine that the applicant is well-aware of the responsibilities and risks he is willing to undertake when studying and living in another country.

Synaptein helps a student face a visa interview so that he can convince the visa officer that he is a genuine student, intends to complete his education and return to his home country and that he has the financial ability to pay for his education and living costs.

Synaptein also helps a student brush-up on his communication skills and increase his confidence in facing an interview whether the interview is face-to-face, conducted over a telephone or conducted through live videos.

Such Interview skills also help a student face real-life situations and helps him with his communication and public–speaking skills.


Student feedback

"I completed my MA Human Resource Management from the University of Wolverhampton.I was very fortunate to have experienced British Culture and life while acquiring an Internationally recognised Degree and studying in a multi-cultural environment"

- Medha Singh Bhandari